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Angela R. Executive Director

The Kristy Love Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of prostitution & human trafficking. The Kristy Love Foundation provides shelter and case management leading women to better health care, education, and employment.

The founders of Kristy Love have been in your shoes and knows what it takes to make the right steps forward in life. We started this foundation to pass on our knowledge and experience and help you get your life back on track. We are positive hard working people that want to see you succeed in life.

We believe our focus on small intimate housing provides an uplifting and comfortable atmosphere to work your way back to a clean and free life. You will feel secure knowing that you live in an intimate and relaxing shelter surrounded by a few of your new best friends.

The KLF house is structured to teach women necessary living skills: complete abstinence from drugs, a daily routine, the will to say no, and emphasis on how to follow directions.

All Survivors Are Required to:

  • Develop a recovery-based relationship with an experienced sponsor
  • Adhere to nightly curfews
  • Participate in house meetings
  • Safe sex measurement
  • Practice all basic community living skills
  • Submit to random drug searches and testing

Every morning we meet with the women. First, a daily meditation takes place, followed by a routine schedule that is mandatory for all clients. There are a variety of educational sessions that take place twice a week. Two in-house meetings that everyone attends. Our dedicated staff members and qualified volunteers are invited to serve our women and share their knowledge. Topics include budgeting, health and hygiene, safe sex, parenting, art therapy, anger management, and transition into the job market.