The Kristy Love Foundation needs your help. The cost to manage our foundation far surpasses the modest fees that our clients pay. We pride ourselves on integrity and believe in complete transparency. All who contribute will receive confirmation of their gift and will be provided with details on where and how their donations will be spent. Your generous donations will help widen the services that we can provide and ensure that we can continue to help these women in need.

We wouldn’t exist but for the generosity of our volunteers who donate their time and expertise. While most of the homes we provide are in good shape we still have to paint, repair, provide furniture and appliances. 


Alternative Ways to Help

  • Any household items; bed linens, cleaners
  • Appliances
  • Labor – minor repairs, painting, etc.
  • Office Supplies – notebooks, paper
  • Beauty Products
  • Transportation
  • Gift Cards
  • Robes

At the Kristy Love Foundation, we also welcome volunteers to share their talents in the following ways:

  • Assist women with job-searching skills
  • Provide classes on various subjects
  • Provide mentorship and guidance