Why KristyLove is Unique!

Improve your chances for a complete recovery from addiction. The KristyLove Foundation’s better road to recovery is no secret, in fact its fairly simple. We believe small housing provides a quiet, peaceful setting that allows you to concentrate on your recovery, make new friends and feel as if you are home. You’re in a neighborhood living with a few new friends that can help each other overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of a clean and sober life. Bonding is easy in a cozy, non-sterile environment. The ladies feel secure and are free to help nurture and care for one another. Peaceful surroundings make it easy to meditate, practice step programs, and establish daily routines. A small structured environment helps keep egos at bay and encourages cooperation and responsibility.

house kristylove hallwayRecovery Is Hard!

You know that, you’ve been living the hard life every day. Making excuses, hiding your feelings, and chasing the high is hard work. But your tired now and you want control of your life. You want off this roller coaster ride. You want to live a normal life and stop being chained to these destructive habits. You want to be free! Obviously, you’re thinking about stopping or you wouldn’t be here now. Please, take the first step and let KristyLove help you on the road to recovery.

Choose Yourself!

Recovery can only happen if you let go of the negative ,”crappy people” that have influenced your life whether you were aware of it or not? Yes, there are people that want you to fail, that want to bring you down, to use you for their own personal gain.

So choose yourself! It’s your life,  how do you want to live it? Get clean and sober for you and you only! Don’t try to do it for others you’ll never make it. Let go of the negative and find positive, upbeat people that have been there and are willing to help you change your life.