Why Kristy Love is Unique!

The Kristy Love Foundation is a survivor-led, trauma-informed program that provides comprehensive services to women suffering from addiction, prostitution, and human trafficking. The Kristy Love Foundation strives to “provide a listening ear to a silent heart” so that women may heal in a safe place, become confident, financially self-sufficient, and develop healthy relationships with their families and within their communities. The Kristy Love Foundation is a better road to freedom from modern-day slavery. We believe small housing provides a quiet, peaceful setting that allows you to concentrate on your recovery and the healing process. Once you touch the door knob at the Kristy Love Foundation, you are no longer a victim, you are a survivor!

At the Kristy Love Foundation, our goal for every survivor is to find peace and become a productive member of society. When all is said and done, the survivor is the most important person to the Kristy Love Foundation. Please, take the first step and let Kristy Love help you on the road to recovery and the healing process from sexual abuse, addiction, prostitution, and human trafficking.


Break the Chain!

Free yourself! It’s your life, how do you want to live it? Get clean and sober for you and you only! Let go of the negative and find the positive. Help you change your life.