The KristyLove Foundation has recently opened a new Safe Haven in Louisville Ky for survivors.

Obviously, we’ve started something good with the Kristy Love Foundation. Our unique approach to small-occupancy, home-based recovery is catching on. We just opened a new home. We are already scouring the neighborhood for our next home. All feedback we have received has been positive and being in the center of it all we see the progress the ladies are making.

Image of a living room at The Kristy Love Foundation a recovery house in Louisville Ky.Image of a bedroom at The Kristy Love Foundation a Louisville Ky  shelter for women addicted to alcohol.Image of a den at the Kristy Love Foundation a rehab house in Louisville Ky for alcohol abuse.Image of a welcoming hallway showing the cleanliness and warmth of a recovery house at The Kristy Love Foundation.Image of a living room at The Kristy Love Foundation where women can relax and discuss their daily  Alcoholics Anonymous  experience.Image of a bedroom at The Kristy Love Foundation in Louisville Ky  where women can rest easy knowing the are on the road to recovery.

We Really Need Your Help!

The Kristy Love Foundation is a non-profit organization with global aspirations. The journey began with helping women suffering from addiction and has expanded to aiding the unlimited number of women caught in the horrific danger of human trafficking within the sex industry.

KLF has developed its first project, a recovery house in the middle of the West End of Louisville, that is structured to assist clients with needed living skills, drug and alcohol recovery, and assistance with establishing a daily & disciplined routine.

In addition, all clients are required to:

  • Attend 12-step fellowship meetings
  • Develop a recovery-based relationship with an experienced member (sponsor)
  • Participate in daily, morning meditation
  • Acquire social skill development
  • Attend safe-sex education

Our site provides a safe, structured and clean home.